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    Intel Rapid Storage Technology query


      Sry, new user, new computer no pictures installed to create an avatar.


      I have recently bought a Lenovo G500 notebook with Intel Rapid Storage Technology. I am having trouble with setting up the email alerts in the Preferences section of the desktop interface.


      I have identified the SMTP host address accurately and entered the corresponding Port for this address in relation to SMTP, all of which I located on the web site of my ISP; I have entered an active email address that corresponds to the ISP i.e. one that I have set up through its company; and I have entered recipient email addresses that are all active and registered with different email provider companies.


      When I send the test email, the program spins In Progress without either sending or failing until it is cancelled manually by clicking the Cancel button. This suggests to me that the configuration is correct in the desktop interface and that there is something elsewhere to do with it that needs to be adjusted, and that I am missing this.


      I have looked into System Configuration and have noticed that the Intel® Capability Licencing Service TCP IP Interface is Stopped. What I did was locate this in the Task Manager Services tab in order to switch the Interface to Running but this did not help, and when I rebooted the computer this service reverted to a Stopped state.


      What am I missing? I can not believe that the RST program would be installed if it does not then work, so I am clearly missing something important and I am asking for help from the forum to fix this issue, please. I have checked my firewall settings and looked into allowing the IntelCpHeciSvc exe application, but I am cautious about such things and would very much like to obtain some confirmation before I make the change. Can you help?


      Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.