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    BIOS problems with Intel DQ87PG board




      I have ordered a bunch of Intel desktop DQ87PG boards for the new computers in our classrooms. Before making a master pc for taking an image I wanted to update the BIOS to the latest version of 4th august 2014. Because I had already installed the OS I decided to use the EB.EXE file from the Windows OS. After the restart the pc went to the BIOS screen and get off after a few seconds. I left it alone but after 2 hours the pc continued to do so. It wasn´t possible to access the BIOS Menu, the Boot Manager or another function. I tried to reset the BIOS, following the instructions of the boards Manual, by setting the BIOS Setup Security Jumper to configure. After that taking no effect I decided do unplug the Mainboard from Power and take off the BIOS battery and let the Mainboard alone for 3 days. By enabling the Power again, the Mainboard sends the 3 beep RAM Warning after every power on and the screen remains black. I replaced the RAM by tested ones from another PC but that doesn´t change the failure.


      After all I haven´t any idea what to do next, so I would be very pleased if someone have an advice to me.