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    Intel 4400 driver problem on Dell inspiron


      Hi everyone,


      I have laptop Dell 3542 with i7. I have installed all the drivers and updated the bios. I still experiencing several problems.

      I'm running win7 64bit.


      1. When i right click on the .exe file or shortcut explorer hangs.

      I know about shell menu items. I don't have any additional menu items in context menu.\

      The only one is : Slect GPU and two options NVIdea and Intel


      2. When i shut down the laptop it is not switched off. The led is off but hdd is spinning.


      This problems are only when laptop is on battery. When AC cord is connected everything is fine.

      I have uninstalled Intel driver and this problem disappeared. The default windows generic adapter is used instead.


      How to fix this problem? I was trying to install the latest intel driver from intel.com but it says not validated for this device. Install driver from dell site.