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    DP35DP Ethernet Driver OK button unresponsive


      Hi All


      I inherited a clunker of a server which I am slowly decommissioning, but due to a 3rd party software problem I was forced to do some change diagnostics.


      This DP35DP machine running Windows Server 2003 x86 had an old ethernet driver for the onboard controller installed, reporting as a 82566DC. So since there were no official Windows 2003 driver for the motherboard, I decided to search and download from the 82566DC resource page and update it to see if it resolved my other problem. 


      The latest available driver 18.3 installed OK with no issue and my network is running, but I noticed I could not click the OK button on the properties page to accept changes.  Fortunately the default settings are fine for me. 


      Is there somewhere I can get an earlier driver, since there is only the "latest" listed for me?


      Is what I've done a bad thing?  There is a 15.3 driver for XP from the DP35DP motherboard page, will this work and is a better choice to try?  Or should I just leave the Windows supplied driver?


      Thanks for your advice