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    D34010WYKH - Cannot set resolution of 1920x1080




      I have configured the NUC to be used as a HT-PC. Connected it to a receiver through its mini HDMI port and the receiver to a Sony KDL-46W955a TV. The problem I have is that with this configuration I cannot have the correct resolution of 1080p in the TV. The Windows 7 is automatically set to a fixed 720p resolution and I can´t change it to any other because the Intel HD graphics control panel is greyed out for all settings. The following troubleshooting were made to try to isolate the problem:


      - When booting the NUC unit and pressing F2 to enter BIOS mode, the resolution is corrected at 1080p. The TV identifies the signal as " 16:9 1080p HD"  when pressing display in the remote and the image in the screen is sharp and clear. As soon as you exit BIOS and start Windows, right in the boot splash screen the resolution changes to 720p, the image gets blurred and you cannot change it back to 1080p or any other resolution in Windows Control Panel.


      - If removing the Intel video drivers and reverting the windows default video drivers I can set resolution for 1080p in the TV and the image is sharp and clear. At this point my guess is that there is no hardware problem with the receiver or TV but of course XBMC doesn´t run.


      - If connecting the NUC HDMI cable directly to the TV HDMI port 1 or 3 (bypassing the receiver), I can get 1080p resolution and all options in the Intel HD graphics control panel are functional. XBMC runs flawlessly with a sharp and clear image.


      - Replaced all HDMI cables by Audioquest Pearl cables - no changes, still getting 720p. The receiver HDMI configuration is set to "bypass" what according to the manufacturer is the correct settings to not affect the signals (no upscaler). In other words it repeats the exact same signal from the input to the output.


      OS Configuration:

      Windows 7 Professional 64-Bits SP1 and latest patches

      Video drivers: tested with GFX_Win7_8_8.1_64_10.18.10.3643 and the latest found GFX_Win7_8_8.1_64_10.18.10.3910. (same results for both)

      Audio Drivers: AUD_Win8.1_Win8_Win7_6.0.1.7240

      XBMC 13.2


      Hardware configuration:

      Receiver: Cambridge Audio Azur 651r

      TV: SONY KDL-46W955a

      HDMI cables: Audioquest Pearl 1m and 2m

      Mini HDMI to HDMI converter


      NUC Configuration:

      BIOS: WYLPT10H.86A.0027.EB

      8GB DDR3 Crucial

      120GB mSATA Crucial SSD

      Intel Wireless AC-7260


      Any ideas on how to fix this?




      Jose Antonio