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    D54250WYKH bios does not recognize 2.5 sata HDD




      I have just bought nuc D54250 WYKH, 4GB DDR3L*2EA, Intel 7260 7260HMW wireless card, and WD Blue 1TB 2.5 sata HDD (WD10JPVX).


      When I tried to assemble all the parts, the SATA HDD does not recognized by NUC from the beginning of BIOS.


      The bios is updated as the newest version as 0027.


      Even though the 2.5 HDD is connected to in the nuc, the bios does not recognized it.


      It shows that 'sata port 0 [not present]' on the bios setting (device tab - sata).


      Is it power problem or what is wrong with brand new my NUC?


      If there is somebody to help and solve this problem, it will be very grateful.


      Thank you for your kind help in advance.