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    Is there an IRC channel on any network dedicated to the Intel Maker Community/Galileo? [Updated]


      UPDATE: Since no IRC channel exists, I have taken the liberty of creating ##intelmakers on irc.freenode.net. Note that there are two pound signs rather than one. As I am not officially affiliated with Intel, it is only proper that ##intelmakers be an "about" channel rather than a "primary namespace" channel. If anyone from Intel would like to officially authorize me to operate an Intel Makers Community IRC channel on Freenode, I would be happy to register #intelmakers instead. (However it is worth mentioning that while I wish an IRC Channel existed, I do not use IRC a great amount, and there are likely others who would be more qualified and enthusiastic about moderating a channel. I would be happy to defer to such a person if any came forward.)

      My somewhat unique usage of my Galileo means it's not quite appropriate for me to talk about it in #windowsondevices (I'm not using Windows), #arduino (I'm not currently doing anything with Arduino C, since I'm addressing the pins directly), or #linux (some of the questions I've posed to linux users has left them stumped - not to mention #linux on freenode is kindof an elitist bunch and they're more likely to criticize your decisions than to actually help or discuss anything).


      I want to make some new friends in this community, and I'm not really big on the forum format. I love the idea of it, but I feel like something has to be of a certain level of importance to warrant a forum post, while an IRC channel is a lot more casual and it wouldn't be as out-of-place to have casual conversations in a channel.


      So, I'm asking if one exists anywhere, or if anyone would be interested in starting one.


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