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    DN2820FYKH WiFi issues


      Hi all,


      So I've recently moved from OpenELEC to Windows 8.1 for my Celeron NUC. Everything works fine except for the built in Wifi.. It is just very very slow. I have tried an external TP-Link wireless adapter with my NUC and that works perfectly from the same distance (10m away from router).


      TP-Link adapter - 14mbps up / 1mbps down

      Built in Wireless-N 7260BN - 1mbps up / 1mbps down


      Is this specific built in wifi adapter not up to scratch? do I have to upgrade the wifi adapter or can I change some settings?


      Other info:

      - have changed router to b/g/n mode and all result in the same performance

      - all wifi adapters work fine and can reach full speeds anywhere in the house

      - using the latest wireless drivers