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    i7 4790k benchmarks


      Hi all,


      So I recently bought an i7-4790k powered gaming pc which seems to work fine. However when I came round to benchmarking it with Sisoft Sandra 2013, the stats returned completely baffled me (particularly the cryptography). It seemed this new "best i7" couldn't even compete with the likes of a 2700k, let alone the 4770k with which it is usually compared with. The speed of 0.22 gb/s seemed like nothing. Same goes for multi core performance and power efficiency. Since I'm not very experienced when it comes to benchmarks and interpreting returned numbers, I was wondering if there's an explanation to all of this.

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          Hello shaheenxs,


          I am sorry you are having this problem but let me help you.


          Our processor are created with the best and high quality components to provide the best performance experience to users. All our units have been tested under high quality standards and when using them you can be sure it will work great.


          When benchmarking the processor it is not possible to get the same results with different programs since this depend on the program you are using. I mean to say is that every single benchmark software provides different information and the support for this is limited.


          Kevin M

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            Thanks for replying Kevin,


            I am aware that there are a lot of variables when talking about benchmarking, after all every system is unique and you can't get the same results in different environments. However when I use the word "compare" I'm referring to when I looked at other processors that were stressed using the same program (Sisoft Sandra) through its built-in "compare" option. In all honestly I'm not looking to match the best test result out there, but I expected something close. Gap was way too big, almost 70% less, and that's what got me thinking .

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              Sure I understand I would feel the same but we can assure you that with every single technology we develop (processor platforms) there is a performance increase of 15% than the previous platform so my suggestion is not to believe the results of these programs too much.


              Kevin M