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    Install OpenCV externally in intel Galileo


      Hello All,


      do anyone have any idea how can i install opencv externally into my intel galileo board??


      because today i have again started my kernel customization process and it shows me an error of opencv... It shows me fatcher failure for opencv


      but thing is the version it try to fetches is not available in that site.. version is 2.4.3

      but website have removed that version and update it with 2.4.9


      so how to resolve this problem??


      in opencv_2.4.3.bb file I have replaced SRC_URI with "http://pkgs.fedoraproject.org/repo/pkgs/opencv/Op..."

      so it fetches the package


      but one patch file is previously present in it. the name of the file is "opencv-fix-pkgconfig-generation.patch"

      this patch file gives me an error.

      I want to know that this patch file is require for installation of opencv??