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    How to update graphics for laptop (Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro)?


      I have the Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro model and after doing an Intel update scan, there was a graphics update available. I have tried to update my graphics driver from to (

      However Intel updates say that it cannot do this for my Yoga model. It suggests I find an update via Lenovo manufacturer. I have installed all the latest Lenovo updates as of yesterday (23rd August 2014). There was no graphics update available.

      Could anyone advise me on this matter and what I can do to update my graphics. I would like to update, so that my laptop will respond to widi enabled devices - which depends on the graphics update (as suggested in an Intel guide video).

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          Hi Anna


          I would strongly recommend using only the Lenovo supplied Intel HD Graphics driver updates for your Yoga 2. Lenovo makes many customizations to the graphics drivers specific to the Yoga 2. If you install the generic Intel HD Graphics drivers from the Intel Download Center you will overwrite the Lenovo customizations and possibly change the functionality of the Yoga 2 graphics.





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