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    Audio Latency


      Dear All,


      I am using a laptop HP-Pavilion-15-P001TX Notebook PC and the chipset configurations are


      Intel (R) Core (TM) i5-4210U CPU @ 1.70GHz 2.4GHz- Internal memory - 4GB, System OS - Windows 8.1 -64Bit


      Sub: Audio Latency delay regarding,


      1) The laptop is not supporting real time audio, when I play guitar/ sing the output is getting delay and it is de-accelerating my performance ( not matching the beats timing)

      2) The problem is not only for the audio production, even when I speak to my friends am getting audio delay and de-accelerating my speed of the conversation

      2) HP did all the checks and they said the system is working as per the specifications and they fail to meet my basic requirements

      3) The latency-mon is saying 4500ms delay in audio output

      4) what will be the remedy to resolve the audio latency

      5) Is that the problem with the motherboard or compatibility issue with windows 8.1

      6) Will that work if I change the motherboard?

      7) All the software and the drivers are updated


      Kindly provide me a best solution to resolve the problem

      Purchase date of laptop : 26-06-2014

      Location : Bangalore

      Country : India


      Thanks & Regards


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          Hello A.Chellappan, I’m sorry for the inconvenience that you have faced with your system.


          When talking about audio production (recording and/or playing back) it is necessary to comply with some recommended specifications. Regular Desktop and Laptop computers usually include a discrete audio controller that allows the users to get good or high quality audio play back for movies and any type of audio codec but this controller is not optimized for audio production.

          Usually, audio production standards require using audio controllers based on ASIO drivers (see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Audio_Stream_Input/Output).

          The audio controllers present in regular Desktop and Laptop computers used divers based on DirectX which is not the optimal desired for low latency audio recording and playback.

          The problem you are experiencing could be related to the quality of the on board audio controller of your laptop or a glitch with the audio driver. I checked the Hewlett-Packard web site using the model number of your laptop and I see that this laptop comes with a “Beats Audio” sound controller or a “Realtek” audio controller; so it is important to confirm what the audio controller your laptop has so you can search for the most updated driver.

          When you are speaking to a headphone, the audio controller has to get the audio signal and then play it back. This is the same process done when you record and eventually services running in the background can affect this task.

          You can try disabling Windows and other services running in the back ground and updating the audio driver.

          There are third party web sites that offer recommendations about how to optimize Windows to have a better audio production performance. You might want to do a search about it as well.

          Please bear in mind that this problem has to do with the audio controller or driver and not with the processor, so we are not in position to give you a solution as we are not the audio controller manufacturer. A solution for this behavior should be provided by the laptop maker, in this case Hewlett-Packard.

          A good way to confirm if the problem has to do with the quality of the audio controller will be by connecting a dedicated audio interface via USB or Firewire and test it. Audio interfaces are used by home and professional recording studios and you can find low profile ones for home use.

          Here are some popular and accessible audio interfaces examples:

          Behringer:   Amazon.com: Behringer interface    


          Lexicon: Amazon.com: lexicon interface    


          M-audio: Amazon.com: m-audio interface    







          My best recommendation is to contact again Hewlett-Packard.

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            Dear Sylvia,


            Thanks for your message!!


            My concern is the following,


            1) I used to do home recording using desktop HP Elite computer and I experienced in recording more than 8yrs using Adobe Audition CS6_ Shure-58 Mic+

                M-Audio-FasTrack Pro + ASIO Driver to reduce latency

            2) Generally I use desktop computer for live music performance at home using on board realtek audio driver ( you can't select ASIO for live) in Skype, Paltalk, Yahoo and other singers chat room

                with audio plain karaoke track and i didn't experience any de-acceleration of the performance / audio latency

            3) When i do the same point number -2 with laptop, I am totally de- accelerate and full latency, cant even sing with the proper timing-

                example: when i stroke a guitar chord and receiving sound is getting delay or when i sing vocal alone also getting de-accelration or delay

            4) I tried to connect M-Audio in the laptop, the new laptops are coming up with single audio input/output socket. I used to connect M-audio to laptop with stereo pin line in /line out

                with this type of connection my Shure-58 microphone is not enabling/functioning. so i couldn't record with M-Audio

            5) My question to you is,

                 a) what is the root cause of the problem of non performance, is that by Audio driver / Beats Audio/Windows 8.1/ any hardware/ compatibility issue

                 b) HP did all the functionality checks and everything is working fine.

                 c) Drivers are updated

                 d) BIOS updated to F.07

                 e) All motherboard related checks are OK.

            I need your expertise view and recommendation to resolve the problem and I sent a queries to HP forum also to get some advice.


            Thanks & Regards


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              We really appreciate your confidence and trust in our expertise and knowledge, though I have to admit that we are not experts in regards of audio troubleshooting, audio production or how the audio configuration should be set for an optimal performance.


              Let me try to answer your question:


              This delay that you hear when singing with a mic and playing the guitar is definitively a latency effect generated by the time it is taking for the audio controller to get the audio signal from the mic input, send it through the audio controller to interact with the operating system, and then send it to the on board lap top speakers or external speakers (if using a speaker set connected to the output jack of the lap top).


              Usually this latency is seeing when the quality of the audio controller is not so good or because the audio driver is not managing properly the audio in and out. If this laptop allows you configuring the driver to operate as an ASIO driver and not a DX or MME, the latency should be reduced automatically. Unfortunately in a regular computer based on a Microsoft operating system there are many services running in the background that take memory and CPU resources that perfectly can affect the performance of the audio.


              I personally would think first that the problem is the audio driver. If there is no driver update available from Hewlett-Packard or from the audio controller manufacturer then it will be harder to find a solution.


              A second thought would be Windows services running in the back ground. There are 3rd party web sites that give recommendations about how to tweak Windows to have a better audio performance. I found this youtube video with some tips, you might want to watch it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PhQVkv3NM3k


              Please bear in mind that this video is not an Intel official recommendation, it is just a tip found over the web referring the topic you reported. Any instruction given in this video is not responsibility of Intel.


              A third thought would be a poor quality or faulty audio controller which is really difficult to probe and it depends on Hewlett-Packard and their policies to decide if giving you warranty for that behavior.


              Thinking about other hardware affecting I’d say that the memory could be one but to narrow that down it will be necessary to either testing a different memory set or one memory stick at a time.


              Reinstalling the operating system from scratch and updating all of the motherboard drivers and BIOS could be a good idea but that depends on you.



              You might want to test the M-Audio device again but this time using the digital connection. Normally this devices use USB or FireWire connection so Windows can use it as the default audio device. Sometimes they require a driver to be install, sometimes Windows uses a generic USB/FireWire driver. Then you need to assign it as the default audio device in the Windows Sound Properties.


              I’d like to have a better answer for you or a solution but I’m afraid the problem you are reporting is out of our scope of support and the best practice will be getting into deeper support with Hewlett-Packard, perhaps requesting to escalate the issue to a higher level with them.


              I hope this information is helpful.

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                Dear Sylvia,

                Thank you so much for your kind cooperation!!


                As discussed and I have gone through some of the videos for optimal audio production using laptop for win-8.1, as per the recommendation , i updated bios, chip-set and followed battery optimization and disable nvidia, usb power management.. etc..,


                1) From the day one i got some craky sound from next to the touch pad location ( where the hard disk is locating) and little heat..

                2) Apart from that, i did all updates and checked the audio... there is no improvement

                3) By trial and error i made an attempt to connect different plugs ( playback, recording device in sound settings)

                4) At last, i found the line in which is in the tab playback ( speaker and microphone)

                5) I did some experiment of audio settings,

                    in the playback device from the sounds settings,microphone ( line in ) as 100% , enhancement - disable all effects

                    24 bit 48000 studio quality

                6) recording devices: microphone / disable all & stereo mix / un tick the listen category/ level as 100%, enhancement - disable all sound effect, 2 channel 16 bit DVD quality

                7) with this settings, i can able to do windows on board recording and perform live music in chat rooms, with line in facilities i cant enhance the volume level and mic boost

                8) When i activate the realtek recording tab i am getting latency/ de accelerate the timing ( double voice, pulling down the performance, de-accelerating)

                9) I am suspecting that the motherboard will have the problem interconnecting with realtek on board sound card ( I updated the driver as recommended by HP)

                11)  I didn't try the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PhQVkv3NM3k

                12) ref point 1 , i went to the HP service center and ask them to check the craky sound , they said the sound is from hard disk and they will replace.

                     I asked them to add additional ram to increase the cache memory and also to check the echo effect ( latency)

                13) The laptop is with HP service center now,

                14) Earlier i bought 3 number of different 3.5mm stereo/mic adapter pin converter ( 4 step pin) to interconnect my old headphones with mic

                      nothing is working. have you found any solution and also realtek latency issue and how about usb audio splitter? have to check M-Audio


                Thanks & Regards


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                  A. Chellappan,


                  You have a good point, the problem could be generated by the motherboard, but now that the computer is at Hewlett-Packard repair center, we hope they find and solve your problem.


                  From our side there is no other recommendation to provide you. The problem you have is about hardware and it is out of our scope of support and even though I gave you some hints, the solution of this issue is not in Intel’s hands. It is going to depends on your laptop manufacturer (Hewlett-Packard*) or the audio controller maker (Realtek*)


                  Once again, I recommend you to follow up with Hewlett-Packard and if needed, escalate to a higher level with them or have them talking to Realtek.


                  We need to leave clear that this problem has nothing to do with an Intel component. If the motherboard is bad, then Hewlett-Packard is the one giving you warranty support.



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                    Dear Sylvia,

                    Thanks for your analysis, presently the laptop is with HP only to replace the hard disk, earlier they checked the motherboard self check diagnosis and it gives a positive report that the motherboard is working as per specifications. I didn't know the root cause of the problem and guide me how to resolve, if you feel motherboard is the culprit then how to identify/justify ??

                    when hp is saying that is working as per specification.

                    Thanks & Regards