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    DP crashes my monitor


      When I shut down my PC, or go in standby/hibernation mode, the monitor "crashes". I have to reset it to switch if off or on again. It also happens when i'm in the BIOS and switch the power off by pressing the power button.

      I don't know what exactly is the reason. Is it the BIOS, the Mainboard, or the monitor?


      If i unplug the DP-Plug, the monitor recognizes that the link is gone and goes to standby mode, as it is supposed to do, so i assume it isn't a problem of the monitor.

      As it also happens in the BIOS i can assume it isn't a driver related problem.

      It just happens on DisplayPort. DVI works flawless. It looks like the HD 4600 is sending some sort of invalid command to the monitor when shutting down, which causes it to crash.


      Any ideas?


      CPU is i5-4690K on an ASUS Z97I-PLUS, Monitor is EIZO EV2333.