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    DN2820FYKH black screen after installing intel graphics driver




      i have an Intel NUC DN2820FYKH (Windows 8.1 x64 installed on it) since a few weeks. My nuc is connected to a Samsung UE55F7090SLXZG over HDMI. It did work without problems until today. Today i started my nuc and i only get a black screen after the windows boot logo. After that i connected to it via remote desktop and uninstalled the Intel graphics driver. Now it works again, but i don't have the correct display resolutions. So i installed the Intel graphics driver (latest version again and now i have a black screen again.

      Does anyone have an idea why my nuc stopped working with the Intel graphics driver so sudden? it did work with them for a few weeks and now without changing anything it stopped working.

      (Sorry if my English isn't that good. But it isn't my first language.)