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    Very slow download/upload speed in AC7260 Wireless with Bluetooth


      I just purchased the HP Envy 15t x360 laptop from BestBuy for college and have been having issues with the wifi speed. I tried to download a pdf file from my school's website and it took an hour. Another file that I tried could not even be downloaded because it would suddenly stop and halt on its own. I tried to go on youtube and could not watch a video smoothly. I have seen on online forums where some users reported that the AC7260 wifi card is faulty. I was concerned about this and reached out to HP customer service, who was completely helpless and a waste of my Saturday. They updated the BIOS system, rebooted my computer, checked and tested everything with no success.

      I am so frustrated with this situation, and I have seen similar comments online before. I have updated everything from both HP and Intel, but it still doens't work. From the speedtest website, my download speed is about 1.18 mbps, and my upload speed is about 5.70 mbps. However, the wifi connection on the laptop shows that the speed is 144.0 mbps, though both my download and upload speeds are far from this.

      Any solution on this issue? Please respond and it will be greatly appreciated! I am moving into college in a few days, and I don't have much time left. I am thinking about returning this laptop for something less advanced so that I can actually get some work done.

      Thanks so much!