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    What is going on with the Dual Band Wireless AC-7260 adapter?


      I recently bought a new laptop with this adapter.  After a week of sometimes intermittent/sometimes constant connection issues, I took the laptop back and exchanged it for an identical one.  By the way, the laptop is an HP Envy X360.  The second laptop is doing the same thing.  When it drops its connection, it will not reconnect until I've rebooted my router (Netgear WNR2000v3).  All other devices in my home are still connected and working find through the router.. just not the laptop.


      I've made changes to my router in an attempt to fix.  I've downloaded the latest driver directly from Intel (  Nothing has helped.  I went back to Best Buy today and found a laptop from another brand.  Upon doing a little research (Google) I found that most of the comments were "Great laptop.  Terrible internet connection."  I looked up the adapter in the device manager of the display.  Sure enough, it was this same adapter.


      The internet is full of people with complaints who have a laptop with this adapter.


      What is going on here?  Is Intel going to act on this and provide updated, working drivers?  I've never had this much trouble trying to purchase a laptop... ever.


      Anyone, please advise.  Thank you.