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    Unable to get audio when connected to HDTV via Displayport/HDMI active adapter




      I wanted to watch Netflix on my HDTV via my computer so I used an active Displayport HDMI adapter to connect. This is the adapter I'm using:




      The video is fine but the audio comes from the computer not the TV.

      The TV doesn't appear under audio playback devices even when I show disabled or disconnected devices so I can't switch it over.

      The TV appears as a Generic PnP monitor in Device Manager.


      Spec: Dell Optitplex 780 SFF

                Windows 7

                Intel Q45/43

                GMA 4500



      Just thinking that either the integrated video doesn't send HDMI audio over the Displayport, I need a different video driver, or I am using the wrong adapter.


      Any help appreciated.

      Thanks a bunch!