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    Intel HD4000 and MST Hub




      I've got laptop with Intel i7-3630QM. There is integrated graphic card Intel HD4000 and 3 outputs: DVI, HDMI and Display Port. I'd like to connect 3 monitors at the same time in extended mode (independent). I've found the information that I can connect up to 3 monitors to my laptop if at least 2 of them are connected via Display Port. Due to only 1 Display Port output I need to use a hub. And now is my question: Can I use MST Hub (i.e. Multi Stream Transport (MST) Hub DisplayPort 1-3 - Graphic solutions GeForce & Radeon) to extend number of outputs? Then I could connect 1 monitor via Display Port -> Display Port, second via active dongle Display Port -> DVI or HDMI and 3rd via the same dongle or via native DVI or HDMI Intel HD4000 output.

      I'm digging the Internet looking for a solution for a few days and I don't want to spend money on not working solutions.