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    Detected bios security jumper removed on NUC D34010WY with bios 0018?




      Yesterday evening while surfing the web my win 8.1 NUC just froze and then BSODed. I got tired of waiting and shut it down since the % wasnt moving. Afterwards the machine wouldn't boot. I got the NUC post screen with F2 etc on it and then it jumps to a black screen with the message:

      "Detected bios security jumper removed"

      and 2 choices that doesnt do anything exept that one removes this screen on the next boot and instead tells me that I have no bootable device.


      I have tried:

      - to enter bios with F2: doesnt work

      - to press the other F keys: doesnt work

      - remove, change places, put back the jumper: no change

      - remove keyboard and all other USB stuff: no change

      - remove a memory unit: no change


      I am running a NUC D34010WY with bios 0018, 16GB of ram and a ~128GB SSD and have never had any issues untill now.


      Does anyone / support have suggestions what to do and what might have happened?


      Greatful for any answers.