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    DN2820FYKH cannot upgrade bios power light flashing and freezes


      Where do i start !! .. This product could be amazing yet seems to be getting harder to deal with !


      1) Cannot boot off any USB Key with operating system or USB CDROM drive. It does not recoginises any of them in the boot option ( believe it's F10 ) ....


      2) Oh well I thought it must be the BIOS after reading a number of discussions on this. I download the latest version put it on USB and try and upgrade ( What so it can read a USB with a bios but you cannot choose it to boot from !!! )..... When it loads the file the PC freezes and the power light flashes.... and there it stay..... you wait ... you wait... and nothing....


      Hence maybe a large part of my fustration !!! I was going to use the hammer to fix the issue... although returning it to the shop with sorry about the dents it slipped out of my hands might be frowned upon !!!


      Although in it's favour it does make a amazing doorstop on wooden floors !!!!


      Any help would be appreciated !