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    intel hd graphics 4000 Driver Update links to older installer


      Okay, so to start with...I'm on an hp touchsmart running win 8.1 64 bit. intel hd 4000.

      my display driver version is, and the last update on the manufacturer's website was back in 2013. i've noticed plenty of graphics problems and I'm trying to update the drivers...

      went here: Intel® Driver Update Utility for graphics drivers

      newer driver "", link leads me to an 'oh no' type page saying that it's been moved/archived.

      So I search on the download center and find this one: Intel® Download Center

      says it's (Latest), but the installer says Win64_153322.exe.  that reads to me as version 15 sub version 3322. what?

      Given the headache GETTING the files, I expected some progress, but there was none. (I had a friend download from intel's site and upload to a fileshare since I got stuck on the 'accept/decline' terms page. it wouldn't go through when I hit accept.)

      I tried this, and the zip file. executables on win8.1 are a no-go, but the zip file...when using device manager, it says the drivers are already up to date.

      They're clearly NOT up to date, being stuck on a version released november 2013.

      even device manager confirms it:

      Driver Provider: Intel Corporation

      Driver Date: 10/3/2013

      Driver Version:

      Digital Signer: Microsoft Windows Hardware Compatibility Publisher


      Where can I get this '' version, for real, instead of this useless stuff?

      also, why do I get stuck on a dead end when trying to use live chat? it pretends the site it links to doesn't exist.