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    Laptop/external monitor resolution issues


      I have been fighting with this external monitor resolution situation for the past two weeks. From the searches I've done, this is a very common issue; however, I have not found a solution. Every solution I have tried has been unsuccessful. I hope someone here can help.

      Asus K50IJ laptop

      Win 7 Home Premium 64 Bit SP1

      Intel Core2Duo T6600

      4GB RAM

      Mobile Intel 4 Series Express Chipset Family

      Monitor is Samsung SC750_S24C750P connected with VGA cable (laptop does not have HDMI output)

      I have reinstalled the drivers for the display adapter; current driver is from 10/4/2012

      I have reinstalled the drivers for the monitor; current driver is from 11/13/2012


      Monitor is currently showing up as "Analog" in Device Manager; I have chosen "HDMI" and had the same results. Now & then I see "Generic PnP Monitor" in Device Manager; each time I see it I uninstall it.

      Bottom line is this: settings keep bouncing all over the place. On a couple of rare occasions I have seen the image I want on the external monitor; when I close the lid on my computer (which is why I bought the external monitor - so I can have one larger image, not two), the resolution reverts to 1024x768. When I disconnect the external monitor I get the correct image and 16:9 ratio (1366x768) on my laptop screen; when I connect the external monitor I have two choices for resolution: 800x600 or 1024x768.

      I have tried extended desktop setting; when I choose that setting the image on the monitor takes up about 60% of the real estate - the rest is black. When I close the lid on the laptop (in extended screen mode), the image on the monitor is much larger, but still has two black bars on the side and is severely distorted - horizontally compressed.

      I went to Intel's Graphics Properties tool and set a custom resolution to 1920x1080 - 60Hz - 32 bit - recommended by Samsung for their monitor. Result is 7 choices for resolution, none tagged "recommended" and the highest being 1366x768. I can live with 1280x720; when I choose that resolution or anything higher the laptop screen looks great but the image on the external monitor covers 1/4 of the screen - the rest is black. Resetting external monitor doesn't change anything. Restarting computer doesn't help. Unplugging/reconnecting monitor doesn't help. I've tried this routine a dozen times.


      One additional note: I was using this with a 4:3 external monitor in the past - is it possible there is a file somewhere that is forcing every external monitor to the older settings when I attach it? I can have perfect settings on my laptop screen, but as soon as I plug in the external monitor everything goes wacko.


      I really need to use the external monitor, and I need the image to be proportional. Is there any way to accomplish this? Right now I have only two options: not use the external display (right now it's off), or use it with a severely distorted image. The only other option I have is to purchase a new computer, and I'd really like to avoid that if I can!!


      Thanks in advance.

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          Thanks for joining the Graphics community.


          I understand you are using an adapter with your monitor HDMI to VGA cable and the image is 800*600 or1024*768.

          Based on the problem description, it does not look like onboard graphics solution issue or driver problem. It appears to be the quality of the video adapter (HDMI to VGA).

          Please bear in mind that, the usage of video cables is limited by the quality of the cable, also your computer manufacturer may impose restrictions on screen resolutions. They may or may not work properly depending on the computer video BIOS.


          See the following URL for more information:

          Graphics Drivers — Intel Graphics and Televisions frequently asked questions (FAQ)


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            Not sure where you got the idea I was using an adapter - I said my computer did not have HDMI output so I was using a VGA cable. Evidently I should have specifically said VGA-VGA cable. And there was nothing wrong with the cable; it was very heavy duty and was securely attached at both ends.


            As for the link you posted, I have already been through those topics, as well as those on any related FAQ. None of them address the problem I was having. Neither does your reply.


            Unfortunately I did not have time to wait for an answer and was forced to purchase a new computer. As soon as I plugged the new computer into the display, everything worked perfectly.


            Please do not mark this thread solved - the 5-year-old computer I was referring to above still cannot produce an acceptable image on the external monitor. There is no indication anywhere that the VGA connection I was using is incapable of supporting the external monitor, so I'm afraid I am forced to conclude this is a fundamental failure of the Intel chipset on my computer.

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              Allan, Thank you for your reply, and your efforts to assist. I replied early this morning - before my second cup of coffee - so please forgive the terse tone of my response.

              As I mentioned, the problem was solved with a new machine, but I would have loved to continue using the older laptop. Thanks again for trying to help.

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                Thanks for the update.


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                  Thanks for continued feedback.


                  I'm using an HDMI cable with the new machine.


                  After I read your response I tried the VGA cable on the new machine and it worked fine - 1366x768 on both screens - so it doesn't appear to be the cable. Of course I can't rule out internal damage on the old laptop, but when I was using the old monitor with the 4:3 screen it worked fine with the same cable and same old laptop. As I recall the image on the external monitor was distorted, so that's why I bought the new monitor.

                  It seems like it all comes down to the video card and/or driver, if not Win7. I still think there may be a ghost file somewhere that is forcing the external monitor into a 4:3 resolution. Just a guess. If I had the time & energy I would reformat the old machine and see if it still has the same issue. Unfortunately I'm short on both time & energy.


                  Thanks again for your continued assistance.