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    Intel driver utility wrongly finding Newer available Driver


      I have got the 17.0.1405.0466 installed as my current driver for the Intel® Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260

      However, the driver utility warns me that a newer driver, 17.0.0, is available.

      How can that be? How can 17.0.0 be newer than 17.0.1405? Isn't the utility making a mistake?


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            Intel recommends that you obtain software and drivers from your OEM or system manufacturer, as they should have the very latest download for your exact system. Intel posts non-OEM specific, generic software and drivers only after we have already provided it to the OEMs.


            To respond to your concern, the Intel Driver Update Utility is only updated twice a month, so there will be times that the "very latest software" is not available via this tool. Also, please know that we intentionally pulled the 17.1.1406.01 version from the Intel Driver Update Utility and replaced it with the older 17.0.1405.02 version due to the many reports of install / update issues with the 1406 version of software and drivers. We are currently troubleshooting an installer issue with the 1406 software package we had posted, so it's best for now to either use the 17.0.1405.02 or an older version that works, or better yet, check with your OEM to see if they have newer Bluetooth* software and drivers to provide to you. A newer version has been shared with OEMs.