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    XEON CPU Performance


      In terms of performance, which combination is recommended? Single  XEON CPU with 12 cores OR two XEON CPUs with 6 cores.

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          Hello Sudheemh, thanks a lot for posting your question at Intel communities.


          Regarding your question, the performance of the system is going to depend on the software environment.

          To the operating system it will be almost the same, but there is software that works much better when there are 2 processors.

          For example a virtual machine, if you are going to create many VM on a system, the performance will be better on a multi CPU system.

          In the other hand, if you are going to use a desktop board and run applications  or use it for gaming, is better to use a single CPU with more cores.

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            Look at the NUMA technology and how your application supports it.


            For example. In the first case, when you use one CPU (socket) NUMA is not present in the system. This configuration is recommended when your application is not support NUMA.

            But if your application is fully support NUMA, the multi sockets configuration will be better for the best scaling of your system.