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    Lenovo Laptop with Docking Station & external Monitors not working properly


      I have a Lenovo T530, I am using it with a Docking station that has 1 VGA and 2 DVI Ports (actually has 1DP & 1DVI then 1DP and 1 DVI.

      I have it setup with monitor 1 in DVI 1, built in display #2, and monitor 2 in DVI #2.

      I have an Intel HD 4000.

      I have followed the FAQ configurations that are all around, and it will not allow me to operate both monitors and laptop display at the same time.

      In the Intel software it gives me this choice:

      Monitor 1

      Monitor 2

      Intel WiDi

      What I am trying to accomplish, is have Monitor 1   laptop   Monitor 2

      Help please!