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    Why is my i7-4790k overheating?


      My i7-4790k(stock clocks) keeps overheating when running Prime95(100C, has to underclock itself to avoid damage), Intel Burn Test(90C-95C), and rendering video(85C-90C). Most cores idle at 30C-33C but one of them, Core 1(not Core 0) to be exact, runs 5-10 degrees hotter depending on what I am doing. I also use an aftermarket cooler because the stock cooler made my temps worse and I use Arctic Silver 5 as a thermal paste. No matter how many times I reseat the cooler and apply new thermal paste(I even clean it with ArcticCleaner; lint free everything), the temperatures always show the same patterns. My cousin has the same rig as I do(same thermal paste, CPU, cooler, case) and his temperatures never go above 80C even on full load. I'm 100% sure that I applied the right amount of thermal paste(I even tried different types of applications such as a line and a "pea size") and I even double checked to see the pins were fully inserted into the motherboard. Can anybody help me? Could it be that I got a faulty CPU? Thank you.