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    Turbo boost


      Posting this question here on behalf of kylae_stern (Originally posted August 4, 2014 as a document in Support Community)


      I recently bought a laptop with an I7 2.2 ghz who can go to 3.2 ghz with turbo boost.

      But when i'm in  game i saw with the task manager, my i7 never goes more than 2.19 ghz.i searched on google the program of intel for turbo boost but it's telling me you can't no more download it from intels website and when i'm trying it from other sites i can't open the program. :/
      help me please

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          I am sorry the processor’s clock speed is not running as high as you might expect.


          While the processor can reach a higher speed it is also necessary to consider the conditions the computer is running on since the clock speed will depend on power saving settings, power source used (battery or AC), fan control and the workload itself put on the processor.


          Intel® Turbo Boost is a technology that allows the processor to dynamically increase the clock speed depending on temperature, power, current, workload, and the number of cores currently in use and the maximum frequency of the active cores. Intel® Turbo Boost engages automatically and, usually, the only option available is to enable or disable it through the system BIOS, so you may check if the option is enabled in your system.

          If you do not find the option in BIOS we suggest you contacting your system manufacturer for further assistance since they may limit the available options in the BIOS setup screen.


          Intel® Turbo Boost Technology 2.0


          The following article explains the reason why the Intel® Turbo Boost monitor was removed from our download center. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience.

          There are some free third party applications available online that you may use to monitor processor’s clock speed.


          Processors — Intel® Turbo Boost Technology Monitor does not support 4th Generation Processors

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            There is no option in the BIOS,and  i have always activated IG high performance while  charging, so i don't understand why it's not working...
            And when will your turbo boost technology 2.0 will be released in download center?

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              If you do not have an option in BIOS for Intel® Turbo Boost Technology simply try reloading the default values. In case this step does not help I suggest you contacting the system manufacturer.


              At this moment there are no plans to include Intel® Turbo Boost Technology monitor for any version of this technology. Intel® Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 was also present in second generation Intel® Core processors (i5-2xxx).


              I am sorry for the trouble.