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    Storage, RAM, Noise and Consumer IR


      Hi I am new here and am planning on buying a NUC D54250WYKH (sexy model name Intel :-P) next month and have a couple of questions about storage and the Consumer Infra-red Receiver built into the NUC. I have an xbox 360 controller from my bundled console/controller package. Usually you have to buy an official microsoft xbox 360 wireless receiver receiver if you wish to use this on your PC. However, the NUC has an IR receiver and was wondering if this is compatible with the xbox 360 wireless game controller? Therefore, I would not have to buy the official Microsoft xbox 360 wireless controller receiver.

      I will be purchasing a 256Gb 2.5" SSD when I buy my system and a ~500Gb mSATA in a few months time. I have noticed that most people use an mSATA storage for their OS and Applications/Programs while the 2.5" SSD is usually used for storage of games, movies etc. I was wondering why not the other way around? Is their an advantage to storing these in this manner? I am asking as I will be install my OS on a 2.5" SSD.

      I was thinking of purchasing 16Gb (Vengeance Sodimm) instead of 8Gb to help if I ever want to do gaming on some newish games or on steam (I know this machine isn't the best for this). Another advantage of having 16Gb now is that if a much better NUC comes out in a couple years time (hopefully with a better processor and external graphics) I can simply exchange the components into my new system. Does anyone think this is a good idea? Or would 8Gb be more than enough?

      Finally, how noisy is the NUC fan when put under stress (i.e. playing modern games) and when watching movies? I ask because I want a NUC as I have heard it produce low noise and is quite portable.

      This is quite alot and I apologise for my lack of knowledge. I have been searching the internet for a week now and have many of my questions answered but I'm having trouble getting any solid answers on the questions I have mentioned here. I would be very thankful for any replies.


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          Hi Enzymatic,


          I'm fairly certain the xbox remote will work.  I don't have one myself but I've seen a number of posts here from people using them.  That being said, read through some of the conversations about it because there may be compatibility issues with certain features, like power on. Again, not entirely sure, so please check.


          Regarding the common storage configurations, that comes from the fact that mSATA drives tend to be smaller/more expensive than 2.5" platter drives.  So bulk storage goes on the 2.5" drive, while the mSATA gives the SSD speed advantages for loading the OS. 


          As for the memory, your plan is sound but here are a couple of things to consider: You get a performance boost if you use a pair of matching SODIMMS rather than a single SODIMM.  So if you use a single 16GB stick you'll be fine, but you'll see slightly better performance with 2 8GB sticks.  Also, if you're planning to add a second stick later (to a newer NUC) you may want to rethink that.  There's a good chance the memory you buy now won't be available when you're ready to upgrade, and it's always possible when you upgrade the NUC may use a newer (and incompatible) type of memory. For example some people assumed when they went from the Ivy Bridge NUCs to the Haswell NUCs that they could reuse their old memory, but the Haswell NUCs only use 1.35v memory, while the Ivy Bridge models used either 1.5v or 1.35v memory. So some people ended up with memory they couldn't move over.


          I hope this helps.



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            Hi Jason,


            Thanks for your reply. You definitely have helped here. I was unaware that people were having those problems when switching from Ivy Bridge NUC's, I may just have to get 2x8Gb also. Quite curious how 2x8Gb is slightly faster than 1x16Gb. I may rethink the storage situation as well, bite the bullet and buy an mSATA now and much larger 2.5" SSD later (I checked prices just now and I think it would be cheaper this way).


            I searched the forums but have only found comments on the use of the xbox 360 media remote and not the actual game controller. Does anyone have any info on this or can redirect me somewhere that does? I am also wondering about the noise level of the NUC when under heavy tasks?


            I am already rethinking how I will build my NUC. Thanks Jason :-)

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              Hello again. 


              You get better performance from 2 sticks because that allows the memory to run in dual channel mode.  There's an in-depth explanation here: Everything You Need to Know About the Dual-, Triple-, and Quad-Channel Memory Architectures | Hardware Secrets


              Opinions vary on how much of a performance improvement it is, but I can tell you from experience it does make a difference.  The compatibility issue isn't limited to NUCs, it's actually fairly common.  It can happen when minimum memory speed requirements aren't met, or when the whole technology switches. I've run into it on desktops before too.  I'd start planning to replace my motherboard, only to realize I'd need new memory to go with it. It's actually less of an issue with the NUCs but the possibility is still there.


              I'll leave the controller question to others who actually have them (don't want to make assumptions).

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                Hi Jason,


                I think the only way to really understand if the controller is to try it out. I'm determined to buy one of these next month so will try it then.


                Thanks for your help :-)