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    DZ77GA-70K will not boot from USB 3.0


      I have been building some documentation for Windows 7 boot repair on an Intel DZ77GA-70K system board.

      It is using BIOS version GAZ7711H.86A.0066.2013.0521.1509

      The BIOS settings are set to "Default"


      I've tried booting a Windows 7 Installation Disk from a flash-drive plugged into the front USB 3.0 port.

      The PC boots correctly, but then the Windows Repair Utility cannot see the USB 3.0 flash drive plugged into the front USB 3.0 port.

      It can see the installed internal SATA HDDs and the installed internal SATA DVD drives.


      When I boot from a USB 2.0 port on the back of the DZ77GA-70K the Windows 7 Repair Utility can see the flash-drive.


      Am I seeing an Intel system board issue or is this some type of Windows driver issue for USB 3.0?

      Is there documentation on this somewhere?