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    Windows 8.1 not recognising external display hd4000


      About a month ago Windows did an update and my external monitor stopped working. No luck with a TV connection either.


      By reverting to a previous driver it started working again. A week later it stopped. I updated to the latest driver (via device manager) and it worked again.


      For the next week or so whenever it stopped working I would have to toggle between these two drivers:


      and (13/sep/12)


      However after another update a few days ago the toggling trick doesn't work either and I can now no longer use an external display.


      I have called Samsung who wanted me to do a reinstall (they weren't bothered about solving the issue). Eventually they directed me to a graphics driver. 200mb later it was for AMD!


      I struggle to find any drivers on the Intel site that are for windows 8.1 HD4000 other than the ones that say Intel Iris. I try to install it and this error pops up - this is not compatible with your device (you know the one).


      So my only driver options are the two noted above, plus this one I found through Samsung Update -


      None of them work and this is very frustrating.


      I have noted a lot of people losing external display ability with Windows 8.1 updates but unlike them I am not able to browse through a nice selection of drivers to try and resolve the issue.


      Can you help Intel?