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    BSOD possibly due to Intel HD Graphics 4400




            I just joined this community to inform and to discuss with u a very important problem.

            I bought my VAIO laptop 1.5 months back with model name SVF15328SGW, Since then i have problem so slow response and frequent windows crashes. I followed the problem and did everything that the experts on internet said and also consulted internet and Sony service center but the problem was not solved. The problem was very poor performance of Notebook and BSOD whenever i used to wake it up from sleep. Yesterday i disabled Intel HD graphics from Device manager and noted that after it is disabled i can't put the pc to sleep because the option of sleep was lost. Then i realized it might be the Intel HD Graphics 4400 drivers that causing the problem. So i followed the instructions and Installed Beta drivers from intel site instead of drivers supplied by Sony. The performance problem is almost solved and Notebook is performing quite well. and The BSOD problem still persists. Kindly help me solve this problem.