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    Problem playing Blu-Ray discs with PowerDvd after update to latest HD Graphics 4000 Driver (


      Hi, I used to be able to play all my Blu-ray discs (Final Fantasy VII Advent Children, GI Joe, Tomb Raider, Expendables 2, all region A, no exclusive Blu-ray features) on my Lenovo Ideapad Y580 laptop (2012, Windows 7, Intel i7-3610QM, HD graphics 4000, Nvidia GTX660M), using bundled Cyberlink PowerDvd10. Until recently.


      Bought Van Helsing (comes with U-control, BD live, D-motion features). The player won't play & showed error stating incompatible graphics driver. Went to windows device manager & click Intel HD graphics 'Update driver software' (done on Aug 2014). It searched online & stated update is complete (quick process, I have no idea what's been updated). Went to Windows Update, found optional updates available for 'Intel Corporation-Graphics Adapter WDDM1.1, 1.2, 1.3 Aug 8th'. Performed update but update failed. Tried multiple times, still can't update that. Frustrated, tried playing Van Helsing, and to my joy, it played well.


      Thinking my drivers were outdated, I went to Intel website & download/perform driver update to After that, ALL my Blu-Ray discs won't play??!! Went back to device manager, but 'Roll back driver' was dimmed, can't select it. Went back to Intel website, no previous drivers on their website!! Went to Cyberlink website & update PowerDvd to latest version, still can't play! The problem here is that new driver that trashed my system! I even noticed increased heat on my laptop. The Intel Graphics Adapter WDDM still showed as failed in windows update, and no new updates available?


      Contacted Cyberlink, no help there. Please, Intel technical support. I need your help on this