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    Pro/1000-PT (Dual): Can't configure iSCSI parameters



      Unable to configure the Pro/1000-PT iSCSI parameters in either:

      1. the preboot environment
      2. the bootutil DOS command

      I'm looking for ideas to work around this problem.


      Goal: iSCSI install/boot of an ESXi-5.5 from a Synology iSCSI target.


      Relevant environment info:

      • SuperMicro server board X10SLL-F
        • This MB contains built-in i217LM and a i210AT NICs. Note that only the i217LM supports native iSCSI
        • MB is using BIOS version 2.0 (04/24/2014), which is the latest available
      • Intel Pro/1000-PT Dual-port network card
        • iSCSI flash image installed using DOS-based bootutil program version (from 19.3 distro 8/08/2014)


      Symptoms: Preboot:

      • During preboot, I get prompted to hit ^D to configure iSCSI.
      • Hitting this ^D key brings up a dialog titled "Intel (R) iSCSI Remote Boot v3.0.34
      • This dialog lists the two interfaces on the PRO/1000-PT card as well as the built-in i217LM interface on the MB.
      • PROBLEM: When I select either of the PRO/1000-PT interfaces using the <ENTER> key, nothing happens; when I select the built-in MB interface, I get the menu of iSCSI and CHAP configurations, cancel and save. So no way to set the TARGET IP address, netmask, CHAP parameters, etc.

      Symptoms: bootutil running from DOS:

      • "bootutil" command (no command args) lists 4 interface ports:
        • ports 1 and 2 are the built-in MB ports which show "No Flash Present". This makes sense based on the bootutil documentation
        • Ports 3 and 4 are the Pro/1000-PT ports. They currently show "iSCSi Primary" and "iSCSI" in the "Flash Firmware column" and both show as version 3.0.14 (which I belive is the latest).
      • I am able to successfully change the upload different flash versions using the bootutil command
      • The "bootutil -nic=3 -imageversion" command outputs the following:
        • iSCSI   v3.0.34
        • iSCSI Setup  v3.0.34
        • 40G Interface   v1.0.01  [I have no idea what this last element is of the flashed firmware.]
      • PROBLEM: The "bootutil -nic=3" command *should* dump the iscsi configuration the first Pro/1000 port. However, nothing is reported. The %ERRORLEVEL% value after this command is "1", which indicates (according to "bootutil -EXITCODES") a "Bad Command Line Parameter".
      • PROBLEM: The iSCSI parameter setting commands such as "bootutil -nic=3 -INITIATORIP=" don't have any affect. These commands also exit with error code 1, but also do not print any error message out.

      Note that I can configure (using the preboot environment), access and begin to install ESXi-5.5 on a remote iSCSI target using the built-in MB i217LM adapter, but ESXi fails to complete the install due to a known issue (Vmware KB 2020053). The work around is to use a network interface besides the first network interface for iSCSI boot/runtime. This is the reason I purchased the Pro/1000 card.