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    4930k Heating Issue


      Hello there,


      I just bought a new motherboard and processor. Asus Rampage Black Edition and Intel i7 4930k

      This is not my first rodeo so I tried what I know to resolve the heating issue. But I haven`t been able to. My CPU is about 75 to 80 degrees upon starting and stays around there idle.

      It feels way too hot and it starting to get sluggish. I will try to take the motherboard and processor back to check if its the CPU however I wanted to ask if Im missing something.


      I checked that I don't have that switch "slow PC" option off. I checked thermal gel applied properly. I unplugged and plugged back to CPU and checked the CPU fan few times.

      Anyone got any other suggestions that I may be missing?


      Thank you!

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          Hi Invulon,


          I am sorry you are having this problem but let me help you with this.


          It is important to say that we have received reports from other customers about high temperatures but we have also received reports about customer saying that with a BIOS update the issue has been fixed.


          So my best recommendation here is to check for a BIOS update from your Computer Manufacture.


          Here you can check some more troubleshooting steps to try in case of overheating issues:



          Kevin M