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    NUC i3 D34010WYKH Ubuntu 14.04 kernel panics


      I picked up a D34010WYKH kit and added 2x4 GB RAM and a 2.5" hard drive, and proceeded to try it out with Ubuntu 14.04 installed from a USB stick.


      My big problem is random kernel panics: while rendering video, entering data into a web form, or it just sitting idlle overnght. I;'ve seen others with similar problems, but no definitive pattern or solution to them.


      It's a great little platform and I'd hate to return it.


      Here's what I've done so far:


      1. The RAM is an 8GB kit from Viper: PV38G160LC95SK with 9-9-9-24 timings: 1600 MHz. I had read that "13 timing" memory is preferred to "11 timing" memory (and I have "9"!), but I could not find anything that slow. I never got the dreaded "three beep" memory error on boot.


      2. I upraded the BIOS to the latest offered by Intel. I notice this made a small change in letting me install Ubuntu in UEFI mode without having to rename the boot loader. When it failed with the stock BIOS I installed fine in legacy mode. Then I tried the latest BIOS and installed in EUFI (and subsequently learned of the boot loader naming issue that was apparently fixed). I was getting rare kernel panics in both cases.


      3. While the stock Ubuntu graphics drivers were fine (rendering 1080p high bit rate video with about 30% load across all four threads), I updated the video drivers using Intel's tool. I saw no obvious performance improvement (performance was fine initially), and still have the occasional kernel panic, mostly when rendering hight bit rate 1080p after a while (but also when idle).


      I'd really like to get this resolved so I don't have to return the kit to Frys.