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    RAID Problem - server DOWN


      I have a problem and ask for your advice.
      I have 2 identical servers sr2612ur with RAID SROMBSASMR. One now collapsed. When I got to him - all RAID array glowed orange. The server was not possible to log in remotely and even local control was not possible (not VGA output and keyboard did not respond). I had to turn off the server hard-boiled.
      New start server. Most RAID passed within a few minutes in the green state. It is one repaired a few hours, it is now also in the green state.

      Log in RAID Web Console 2 are damaged (cyclically repeated). But at 1 AM is triggered periodic control (Patrol Read). At about 2 AM came the command "ID = 29 Localized MESSAGE = Controller ID: 0 Hibernate command received from host" What it means aodkud command came, I do not know. I never this command in the logo seen. At about 3 AM server stopped communicating.

      1) How do I know what and why it issued the command "Hibernate command received from host"
      2) It can be found, why not to turn off from point 1?
      3) How to get more detailed logs from RAID controllers?

      Thank you very much

      Please excuse my English.