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    HDMI problems with DH55TC


      I have Intel DH55TC motherboard. It has HDMI so thought of using  my LCD and LED TV for display. I plugged the HDMI cable into SOny BRavia 40EX400. It showed screen for few times and then it started showing no signal.


      Recently, I used Samsung 22F5100 LED TV and tried plugging PC into HDMI/DVI port on TV using HDMI-HDMI cable, also tried DVI-HDMI cable to connect from DVI port on board. Lastly I also tried VGA_HDMI connectivity but no luck.


      My Laptop, Tablet, Xbox all work on both these TVs seamlessly without doing any thing.


      Just to clear the last doubt, I upgraded all the drivers of the board but turned out to be of no use.


      Can any one help me, as to what could be the problem.