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    BIOS WY0027.BIO for D54250WYK breaks IR Discrete On


      I've been on BIOS WY0024 since purchasing my NUC back in March.


      I've been using Discrete ON and Discrete OFF IR commands (with my Harmony with the Media Center SE profile) - this has been working perfectly.


      Yesterday I updated to WY0027 and since then the Discrete ON has stopped working. Discrete OFF still works, but once the NUC is asleep I can't wake it again - but "Power Toggle" does work.


      I'd prefer to continue to use the Discrete On/Off commands as using "Power Toggle" will wake my other Media Center PC.


      Is there a setting I'm missing somewhere?


      I've downgraded to WY0025 - and Discrete ON is now working again. So, I'll have to stick with WY0025 for now.