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    HDMI to VGA Degraded Monitor Quality


      I'm getting degraded monitor image quality, a kind of a washed-out look, on an old VGA monitor hooked up to my new NUC D54250WYKH via an HMDI to VGA adapter cable.

      E.g., on Google Maps, roads can hardly be distinguished from the background color(s).

      Endless fiddling with Win7's Appearance > Display/Personalization/Screen Resolution, etc, and the monitor's controls (brightness, contrast, "auto-detect", etc), and the Intel HD Graphics Control Panel (which came with the NUC) doesn't improve the image.


      Might the problem be this inexpensive HDMI to VGA adapter? Would such an adapter normally be expected to cause a poor image quality?VGA CONVERTER 2.jpg

      If not, and if such an adapter cable should produce perfectly good VGA quality, what should I do to achieve such quality?


      Alternatively, if I purchase a mini displayport to VGA cable, might that solve the problem?  And there settings on the Intel HD Graphics Control Panel which are specific to such a display cable?


      Any other helpful comments will be greatly appreciated