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    Problems Installing Intel Graphics Update




      I have a Dell XPS 702X with an Intel Core i7-2670QM CPU 2.20Ghz. I'm trying to update my graphics driver so I can play the game "Smite." However when I install the recommended update ( my screen becomes distorted with lines running through it. This problem with the screen only happens when I start up the laptop normally not in Safe-mode.  I did a system restore and to remove the driver update. Any advice on how to get this to install correctly would be appreciated. Thanks everyone!

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          I saw those lines once on an Intel motherboard.  I sent it to Intel on RMA and they told me the CPU socket was broken.


          If I were you, I would go to Control Panel and uninstall Smite and all Intel graphics drivers.  I'd reboot and start Windows Update to find the proper Intel graphics driver.  I'd reboot once again and poke around to make sure the lines were gone.  If the lines were still there, Smite would be innocent, but your PC would be hosed.  If not, I'd try to install and run Smite.


          If it failed again, I'd repeat all of the above steps except for installing Smite.  I'd give up on that and sell it to someone else.

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            Hi prime77, perhaps it will work better if you update the BIOS or use a different graphics driver version.

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              Thanks for the help on this. I uninstalled all Intel graphics drivers as suggested and installed a newer version from the site. However I was not able to install the latest version for windows 7 64bit as it gives me an error stating my computer doesn't meet the requirements for it. After installing the newer driver my computer is stable with no lines, but I cannot play Smite without the newest update to Intel's Graphics driver.  I will try the BIOs suggestion maybe that will work. Thanks for all the help I greatly appreciate it.