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    7260AC - One or more given parameters are invalid!


      Hi everyone,


      my one and only problem with the Intel Dual Band Wireless 7260AC card: sometimes, after the system wake up, I am not able to use wifi network.

      I can't find any pattern when/where will be happen and if I slept/wake up the computer...it will be working again. Strange.


      In the attached logfile clearly seemed: the card find the network and authenticated well, just something happen and drop the connection immediately. So, my question: what does it mean properly that line:

      #Event  Source Time   Error SeverityDomain User   Description
      49 Profile Manager API 08/17/2014 12:14:10Error Profile<username>

      One or more given parameters are invalid!


      Which parameter is invalid? And why not is it after the 2nd wake up? How can I set up a detailed logging?


      Thanks in advance!


      OS: Win7Pro 64bit

      driver version: