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    Intel BXTS13X Liquid Cooling air flow direction


      I'm new to liquid cooling and just installed an Intel BXTS13X in my corsair 540 case. What I'm wondering is should the fan be pushing air over the radiator? or pulling air across it? (i read elsewhere that some fans are faulty and run in the wrong direction).


      I've got the radiator mounted on the back side of the case and the fan on top of that. The fan is pulling air from outside the case - is that correct? or should it pushing air from inside the case across the radiator to outside the case?


      To try to be clear about this, if the setup is (from left to right): fan, radiator, case wall, outside case - then should the air be running left to right (so air is pulled from inside the case to outside) or right to left (so air is pulled from outside the case into the case).


      If right to left (as mine is running) is incorrect, is there anyway to correct this without replacing it?


      Thanks for any help or advice.

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          i took it back to the store and in fact they just gave me a fan from another unit. All fixed now. For anyone searching this problem in the future one of the employees at the store claimed they had a bad batch of these with fans that wrong the run way - if you're trying to troubleshoot then when the fan is attached to the radiator and you are looking at the fan (on the side not touching the radiator) it should spin counter-clockwise.

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