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    How to get Intel PCIe 7260 wifi card supported on Galileo?


      I would really like to get the Intel Wireless PCIe 7260 wifi card supported on the Galileo.


      It seems that the current build only supports two different type of PCIe wifi cards. The following firmware files are used in the yocto recipes and can be copied over to /lib/firmware





      As a long shot I have already tried copying over firmware files for the 7260 for the different linux builds, from the driver web site http://wireless.kernel.org/en/users/Drivers/iwlwifi.

      But they do not or have not worked since the current yocto build for Galileo is '3.8.7', and the firmware uCode files have been compiled with newer versions of the kernel. See also discussion at https://communities.intel.com/message/227147

      So I have several options..

      1. Upgrade the current linux kernel (3.8.7-yocto-standard) using yocto to 3.10 or above.

      So does any one know the roadmap for yocto build for Galileo?
      What is the next planned linux version and if so will it be 3.10 or higher?
      When is this next planned linux version release?

      2. I need to backport the 7260 firmware from the uCode source? If so then I would need to request the uCode source from Intel and then recompile/change the uCode against the current 3.8 release?

      Is there anyone in Intel planning to do this?

      3. Is there a current Intel wireless driver that has already been written that supports this card, so that I can modify it to work with 3.8 release?

      Obviously I would like to go for option #1, as this would not break any compatibility issues, but it would be really good if we could have more supported PCIe cards that run on the current linux build of Galileo other than just the two PCIe wifi cards ( just realized maybe more with the even older legacy builds ).

      Many thanks