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    Intel NUC D54250WYB doesn't work with ONKYO TX-NR609




      First, I'd like to say that I like the NUC very much, the form factor, ports are exactly what I was looking for.

      It perform also very well for my HTPC use (xbmc) and for some Steam  "in home streaming" ... when plugged directly to my tv (Samsung UA55F6700AM).


      I installed windows 8.1 x64 (with the last available patches installed),the latest available bios (0027) and all the latest drivers including the graphics ones (

      As I said , when plugged directly to the tv , it's working fine (but because of the tv limitation, I can't have nothing better than stereo).

      When plugged to my AV receiver (ONKYO TX-NR609) with a HDMI 1.4 cable :

      -with vlc, movie is playing but no sound

      -with xbmc, movie is choppy/slow...with no sound.


      It's annoying.

      I have installed the latest available firmware update from onkyo with no success, issues decribed above are still there...

      I read here and there on this forum other users having the same issue ( even with the same AV receiver).


      Is there any news, leads, updates to solve this problem?



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