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    NUC D34010WYK booting by itself




      I have a problem with my NUC D34010WYK with bios 27.

      It boots randomly without any action from us.

      Our use-case is that the NUC is used as media-center with XBMCbuntu and an IR MCE remote controller.

      We shutdown the NUC from XBMCbuntu using the remote.

      It shutdowns okay and contrary to pre-bios 26, does not boot up again immediately.

      But it boots-up by its own after what it seems to be, a random amount of time.


      I've tried unplugging Ethernet after switching-off but boots up anyway. So, not WOL.

      It is the same with HDMI. So, not CEC.


      I have tried to change a few options in the bios but with no luck.


      This did not happen with bios 26.


      Have you notice this kind of behavior since bios 27?


      Thanks in advance for your answers.