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    DH87RL No Graphic, No Acess to BIOS



      BIOS 317 04/26/13

      Core i5 4570

      Be quite L8 400W

      MSI GTX 760 (latest driver) at the time removed



      At the time no grafic is shown and no access to BIOS is possible!


      With no grafic card installed and security jumper removed bios entry screen shown but F2 has no effect.

      Afterwards the clearing requst is shown (can be responded by key board) - system request shutdown and reinstallation jumper.

      After power down  the second boot up no bios entry window is shown; 4 lower beeps - with blank screen are to be heard.


      Battery was already removed for 10 h no effect and power unpluged this did not show any effect.


      What can be done to bring the system operational again?

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          Four beeps often indicate RAM problems.  Remove and reseat all sticks.  If you have four sticks, just insert two and try again; if no luck, try the other two.  If you only have two sticks, just try one at a time.  If you have defective RAM, you will need to find the bad one(s) by a process of elimination.


          Verify that all cables (including power) are inserted properly and that all cards are seated correctly.


          Do you have access to a different monitor, if only for a quick test?