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    CIR / infra-red problems in Windows on 2 NUC's


      I am experiencing some quite baffling issues with 2 separate NUCs / models of NUC.



      IR is working but randomly I get an issue where after using IR I experience a "key lock / stuck". It is like one of the Control (CTRL), Alt, Shift or Windows keys gets stuck on. I have to use a keyboard and press all of those keys to "unstick" it. Same issue happens in both Windows 7 and 8.1. The problem only occurs when using IR.

      Anyone have any suggestions / ideas? Is this something I should log as a fault? Is there any way to diagnose why this is happening?



      IR is also working but not for every button press. Numerous remote buttons do not work on this NUC that work correctly on the D54250WYKH so I know its not a remote control / IR configuration issue. Multiple remotes also tested so its not a particular remote.

      Any thoughts on this one?



      Either I am extremely unlucky and received 2 faulty NUC's both with IR issues or there is a flaw here somewhere.




      EDIT: Further to this I sorted the issue (configuration) with the D34010WYKH but still have a weird key stuck issue on the D54250WYKH.