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    "Display driver Intel graphics accelerator drivers for windows 8(R) stopped responding and has successfully recovered" occurring with all Intel and Lenovo driver updates


      We have seen this error many times on these forums, but my situation is a bit unique in that previous suggestions for fixes have not worked.


      1. This is a brand new, clean Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit installation from retail disc installed on a Lenovo T420s 4171-6ZU with all Windows and Lenovo updates applied (other than display drivers)

      2. The error never appears when the generic Standard VGA drivers are installed.

      3. I am running Windows 7, yet the error message alludes to Windows 8.

      4. The error occurs randomly (every 2-30 minutes), however, there is an increased prevalence when using Powerpoint 2013.

      5. Letting Windows Update install the last digitally-certified drivers (which are older than those on both the Intel website and the Lenovo website) results in the error.

      6. Updating the drivers (v9.17.10.3347) http://support.lenovo.com/ca/en/products/laptops-and-netbooks/thinkpad-t-series-laptops/thinkpad-t420s/4171/6zufrom the manufacturer here: Laptops and netbooks :: ThinkPad T Series laptops :: ThinkPad T420s :: 4171 :: 6ZU - Lenovo Support (CA) did not fix the error.  Previous versions of these drivers also resulted in the error.

      7. Updating the drivers  (v9.17.10.3517) using the latest Intel one also resulted in the error: Intel® Download Center

      8. I am monitoring the temperature using GPU-Z and there is no correlation with high temperatures and the error.  I have cleaned the fan of dust as a precaution as well.

      9. I have also downgraded performance through Power Options, but the error occurs in all modes.

      10. I have disabled F.Lux and Intel Management Engine, as I have read of potential issues, but the error still occurred.

      11. I have tested my RAM using Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool and found no errors.


      Please let me know what I should do next, and what logs may help diagnose and fix this error.