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    Noisy? 1600W Common Redundant Power Supply FXX1600PCRPS




      I am planning a build, but the configured chassis comes with an Intel 1600 watt power supply[see title]. Since the board is custom, this is the only power supply and chassis available. If I am wrong and you know of another one, please let me know.


      I have been told by a custom computer builder that this particular power supply will be very loud. Note, I will not be utilizing all 1600 watts, and initially, about 700 watts, but I will be leaving this particular workstation to my alma mater when I die and they might utilize the entire 1600 watts.


      Intel support told me that the PWM Offset can be set to 0 in the bios and that will significantly reduce the noise from the power supply.


      Remember, this is the ONLY chassis system available for this particular board. Sadly, the particular Intel workstation chassis only comes with a 1600 Watt power supply.


      Anyhow, the builder kind of made it seem that the PSU will be uncomfortably loud in my living room. The Intel person said it would not likely be loud with that adjustment and the fact that I would not be operating at full load.


      I have no experience with such a power supply. Will it be loud?



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          I could be wrong, but I thought the PWM Offset only affected the chassis fans, not the power supply fans.  Anyone else here have a different experience?

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            I updated firmware for the workstation board W2600CR one hour ago. (successfully )

            Before updating FW I disconnected two chassis fans, since they are very loud. And this situation is detected and updates to FRU/SDR repo.


            After reboot the fan of the power supply FXX1200PCRPS become full speed!!! Even louder than with two chassis fans!!! OMG!!!

            So I stop working immediately since it is midnight at my timezone.


            My best guess is that decreasing the number of the fans in the whole system will boost the speed of remaining fan(s). Need to fix that at day time. Or it is impossible to live with us.

            For your reference.

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              It is noisier than you can imagine. I used an Android sound level app and it shows 65db at about 1 foot away. As Dan_O stated, I don't believe the PWM offset controls the PSU fan speed at all. I already own a system with the PSU, and the route I'm currently taking is to build a quite/soundproof cabinet to hold the machine in my basement. But another feature of the PSU is that once the fans start up, they don't seem to ever slow down. So once the horrendous noise starts, you have to reboot to quiet it down

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                In order to reduce the noise on system fans or power supply fans, we recommend updating the firmware to the latest version available and making sure to update the sensors for the system at the end of the update procedure (SDR option#1). Under regular circumstances, that troubleshooting will address the issue. We can also confirm is not directly related to the power supply itself.