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    BIOS screens not visible after update


      I recently upgraded my DZ77GA-70K BIOS to GA0066.BIO using the F7 BIOS Flash Update procedure. Since doing that the BIOS screens are no longer visible- completely blank. This means I have no access to the BIOS for configuration changes.


      The system works normally after it boots- I'm using a version of Linux. The first time the screen shows anything is when the Linux bootup lines start.


      When powered on, the screens are completely blank until Linux starts to boot, except for the brief message I get (as usual) from my Dell monitor saying it has video input, accompanied by seeing the monitor status light go from yellow to green.


      I have subsequently tried using the Recovery With USB Device procedure (removing the Bios config jumper and booting with the USB device containing GA9966.BIO) but at no time does anything appear on the screen. In fact, the Dell monitor status light never changes from yellow to green when doing this procedure. After doing this and waiting several minutes, the Post Code Display LED reads "FE", five of the VR Phase LEDs pulse at once per second (VCCP1, VCCP2, VCCP3, VXG1, VXG2), and five of the Diagnostic LEDs are lit steady (CPU INIT, MEM, Video, HD INIT, and OPT).


      The bootup is not completely consistent: sometimes I will get a one second flash of some kind of vertical bar test pattern during bootup. And sometimes the machine won't boot at all, even though the Post Code LED reads "00".


      Can someone help? This board was purchase a little over one year ago.



      Keith Ostertag

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          Hello Keith, I’m sorry for the inconvenience that you have faced with your system.

          Since you already tried a BIOS recovery using version 0066; could you try doing the same but using the previous BIOS version 0064?  Intel® Download Center    

          I would like to try all possible troubleshooting on your system before recommending you to RMA (replace) the motherboard.

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            Hi Sylvia-


            Thanks for helping!


            I have tried two different USB thumbdrives, in various USB connections, with both GA0064 and GA0066, with no change. I tried both USB2.0 and USB3.0 thumbdrives and connections.


            Whenever I unplug the Bios config jumper and perform the Recovery With USB Device procedure, the system goes through a few events, then reboots and goes through several more events. I can see the LED's changing patterns and the Post Code Display LED's changing value. However, I never see any indication that the monitor is receiving video. For what its worth, I notice that the USB LED on the Diagnostic LEDs never lights up during this procedure.


            Once I replace the Bios config jumper and reboot (sometimes it requires several tries) the Bios screens are not visible but the system eventually boots and works normally (all thumbdrives and USB connections check fine).


            The Bios obviously was set to allow F7 and USB booting when last configured. Unfortunately, the last Bios boot order setting did not (evidently) allow booting from the cdrom.


            I also unplugged the case USB connection cables and used the USB connections directly on the board itself.


            Further ideas?




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              I'm still looking for assistance with this problem. Can anyone make a recommendation?


              Since the board is over a year old, I assume the warranty is out. What are my options for having the board repaired?



              Keith Ostertag

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                Remove power from everything, monitor included.


                Set the BIOS config jumper to pins 2-3, re-apply power to your motherboard & monitor.  This boots the motherboard straight into the BIOS configuration.  Check for "Fast Boot" options, and if any are enabled, set them to disabled.  Save and exit the BIOS, remove power from everything again, and set the BIOS config jumper back to 1-2.


                If you still receive no video output in the BIOS using the onboard HDMI connector, repeat the same steps using a PCIe graphics card if you have one handy.


                I prefer using VGA connections in the BIOS since I find digital connections like HDMI flaky and slow, but I realize it's not always possible for everybody, especially these days

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                  Thank you so much for your help Gize!


                  Unfortunately, the procedure did not work for me. There were no fast boot options enabled in the BIOS settings.


                  I do not own a PCIe graphics card. Can you explain how that would help? I.e., is it worth buying or borrowing one to circumvent this problem?


                  Of course, I should not _have_ to do so, but could it be a viable option?


                  Your reply was very helpful to me, otherwise I would not have known how to properly do that procedure.




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                    Sorry, to clarify- the procedure did allow me to access the Bios! But only with the jumper to pins 2-3, not after returning it to the 1-2 position and rebooting.


                    So, it has given me a way to access the Bios config options, but only with this procedure and not normally as one should at every bootup.



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                      I have a monitor at work that sometimes stays in standby (yellow/amber light) and displays no picture even though the motherboard / video card supplies video to it, if I unplug it from power, and then re-apply power it works as normal.  But in your case, you have no video at POST, and you receive video after POST completes soooo...


                      You could try setting defaults in the BIOS using the 2-3 method to get into the BIOS config (F9 for defaults when in the BIOS config). Make sure to take note of what HDD mode you are in first, and check it after defaults are set.  Any other special settings that you may have made for Linux should be noted as well.


                      When the POST sequence starts, does the numlock or any keyboard light illuminate on your keyboard?  If you start hitting F2 the second you notice your keyboard lights turn on, that will get you in the BIOS as well.  But if what everything you're saying is true, you obviously will still not see anything.

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                        Yes, my keyboard shows the numlock indicator. If I begin pressing the F2 key once the numlock indicator blinks on, the CPU reboots. And as you say, nothing appears on the screen.


                        So at this point, I'm feeling the board needs repair. I'll try to connect with Intel Customer Service to see what my options are.




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                          If you want to replace the product please contact our customer support department for additional information


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                            I've contacted Customer Service. Since this board is still under warranty, I've been assigned an RMA and will send it back for replacement.


                            Thanks to Gize and Sylvia for your help!


                            Customer service was professional and helpful.



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                              Thanks for the feedback Keith.